Friday, December 5, 2008

13 going on 30

30 years later from the performance of the last post comes these two.  One is from Beyonce at the American Music Awards singing and dancing to the song "Single Ladies."  This act is basically the music video created live because I guess everyone loves the special dance moves created for the song.  The next video is from Britney Spears doing "Womanizer" on Good morning America.  I don't think either of these women are particularly talented or captivating.  But, because they are peers and are at the top of the pop music pyramid (dung heap), I think they will be good subjects to illustrate my point.  What's left when you don't have natural talent or a compelling persona?  That's right- hard work.  This great American value accounts for most of the success in this country.  Who cares if someone's work is of quality and brings good to people's lives as long as it make money for a handful of people.  Hard work is really a great virtue that evens the playing field- nonracial affirmative action at its best.  

As much as I think hard work is worthless without the foundation of talent and somewhat overrated, look at the difference between these two performances.  Beyonce is hitting it pretty hard and obviously worked worked her butt off to nail this routine.  I'd have to say the black and white Armani Prive coat and dance panties informing the black and white backup dancer's costumes informing the black and white dancers was pretty smart.  I also liked that the set was only composed of bright lights and a little dance ramp- pretty minimal.  On the other side of the spectrum, you have Britney.  Britney, you definitely have my crazy.  All of the pyrotechnics and circus freaks could not distract you from her lack of energy and apathy while performing her song.  I wonder why she didn't perform a ballad, or come up with a creative show that required little physical activity?  I guess hard work does go pretty far by pop standards.

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