Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Mandy

Amanda Lear is the famous model/singer/actress/TV personality introducing Grace Jones a couple of posts ago on the Italian TV show Stryx.  This performance of "Follow Me" on Stryx is the video I wanted to be the main video, but it was disabled.  Please click on the link.  I love how creative the set designers and choreographers got.  I think if this was done today, they would of relied heavily on dopy computer animation.  Bravo Team Stryx.  

Amanda's real past and identity is unknown.  She was Salvador Dali's muse and some say she might be his greatest work of art.  Whatever the truth is, I'm sure it will make a great movie, at the very least a great made for TV movie.

This clip is also from Stryx.  Enjoy.

This is Amanda's Alphabet

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