Wednesday, December 17, 2008

oh oh eye oh oh

I heard this song called UMA by OOIOO on KXLU a while back and became obsessed with it.  It seemed to always be on the radio whenever I was in my car for a week.  I guess all the deejays at the station were obsessed with it too.  Hearing new good songs that I would never find on my own is the best thing about KXLU.  Lets face it,  I'm not a spring chicken and I don't have the stamina anymore to be obsessed with a music scene.  I'm glad someone I trust can do it for me.  KXLU the best station ever.  I was fortunate this time to find out what song it was.  I haven't been so successful with the last few songs that I wanted to find out more about.  So life goes.

This is UMO also by OOIOO.  It has cute creatures in it.

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